Sunday, 4 January 2015

Favourite Music of 2014

The majority of new releases I've bought this year have been by artists I know and love, with 12 tracks of the 20 coming from just 3 albums from Caribou, Aphex Twin and The 2 Bears.

Caribou's Our Love stands head and shoulders above the other releases with 5 of it's 10 tracks making the list, without doubt my favourite album of the year.

Special mention should also go to Jon Hopkins Asleep Versions; a reworking of 4 tracks from last years Immunity album with the beats stripped out allowing you to hear the amazing subtlety and detail that goes into his work. The tracks flow seamlessly into one another as a song cycle so difficult to include on my top tracks playlist.

Can't Do Without You - Caribou
minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix] - Aphex Twin
Get Out - The 2 Bears
Second Chance - Caribou
Sexotheque - La Roux
Busy Earnin' - Jungle
4 bit 9d api+e+6 [126.26] - Aphex Twin
Modern Family - The 2 Bears
Silver - Caribou
Circlont6a [141.98][Syrobonkus mix] - Aphex Twin
Ben's My Friend - Sun Kil Moon
Smoking Pixels - Jungle
Lonely Press Play - Damon Albarn
Our Love - Caribou
Lilac - Eno & Hyde
Papat4 [155][Pineal Mix] - Aphex Twin
You & Me - Damon Albarn
Back Home - Caribou
The Night is Young - The 2 Bears
Cells & Bells - Eno & Hyde

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