Saturday, 25 January 2020

4K Music Videos

Despite loving the imperfect aesthetic you get from old VHS it is also very pleasing when you come across bright and shiny cleaned up versions of things you are used to seeing in analogue form.

These days it’s not just old films that are getting digitally restored. Old archive footage is often cleaned up when it’s included in films or documentaries, such as The Beatles Shea Stadium concert that appeared in Ron Howard’s Eight Days a Week.

The original 16mm rushes of Elton John’s music video for I’m Still Standing were tracked down to use in the final scene of Rocketman. In the film Elton was erased and replaced by Taron Egerton in a re-edited version of the video. As all the rushes were digitised it made sense for the video to undergo the full 4K restoration treatment at the same time.

Other classic 80’s music videos that have been remastered at 4K include Take on Me by A-Ha and Last Christmas by Wham!

Elton John// I'm Still Standing

A-Ha// Take on Me

Wham!// Last Christmas

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