Thursday, 19 October 2017


I finally got to see one of Adam Buxton's BUG shows when he came to Bristol last month and played at the Colston Hall as part of the Encounters Festival.

BUG is a show that Buxton has been presenting for the last 10 years at the BFI in London in the spirit of Antenna, a music video showcase from the early 00's. He shows a selection of interesting music videos interspersed with rambling chat and hilarious readings of real YouTube comments people have left online under the videos.

It was great to see such an eclectic mix of music videos on a big screen with an audience and nice watching them in their entirety. As I'm sure is the case with most people these days, if I watch a music video online I rarely make it all the way through to the end before being tempted to click on something else.

Here are a couple that he showed. An amazing video shot in zero gravity by OK Go (of 'that' treadmill video fame!) and a video by AJJ that parodies one-take OK Go style vids.

Upside Down and Inside Out by OK Go was shot in a reduced gravity aircraft - a plane that nosedives from altitude to provide a brief moment of near-weightlessness for astronauts to use for training purposes. To make the video the band were filmed on a total of 21 flights and cleverly choreographed their moves so that at the end of each period of zero gravity they were static allowing the takes to be stitched together and give the impression that it was all filmed in a single take.

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